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Age Group:   Playground soccer is for our 3-three-old players.  To register, participants must be 3 years old by the first activity.

What is AYSO Playground? AYSO Playground is a child development program. The objective of this program is to help develop, in collaboration with parents or guardian, the child’s fundamental motor skills using soccer as a common thread.  

Where will my child play? Playground soccer sessions take place in their own field area @ Boomer Park.  While a fully lined soccer field is not required for Playground activities, we have found that a designated field space with marked outer lines does keep our players on track.

How long are AYSO Playground sessions? Sessions are no more than 60 minutes at a time (including rests and breaks). Our Playground group meets one night a week on a designated night (which may vary from one season to the next).

Is there competition in AYSO Playground? There is no competition in AYSO Playground Soccer!  The goal of AYSO Playground is to allow kids to develop fundamental motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and social interaction in a fun and safe AYSO environment. Children get to gradually discover the game for themselves while bonding with parents or guardians.


Ages: Our Core program covers ages 5-19 and spans six (6) different Age Divisions.

Where will my child play? All practices, regardless of Age Division, are held at Region 902's soccer complex, Boomer Park.  Our 6U players practice on the 6U fields, 8U players on the 8U fields, 10U players on the 10U fields, 12U players on the 12U fields, and 14U and 16/19U players on the 14U fields.  
As far as games, all 6U games are held at Boomer Park.  In general, 8U teams will also play at Boomer Park, although occasionally there is an opportunity for one game at a neighboring AYSO region.  Traditionally, our 10U - 14U teams have played half of their games at Boomer Park and half at neighboring AYSO regions, although the level of travel may change depending upon our enrollment numbers and any seasonal restrictions.  The 16/19U team only plays neighboring AYSO regions, with games played evenly at Boomer Park and at neighboring regions' fields.

How long are AYSO Core practices and games? Practice frequencies/durations and game lengths vary by Age Division.  See the chart below for a breakout by division.


Age Group:   Schoolyard soccer is for our 4-5 year old players.  To register, participants must be 4 years old by the first activity.

What is AYSO Schoolyard? The objective of the Schoolyard program is to introduce players to basic soccer drills and skills while emphasizing the importance of teamwork and fair play. Players will work on passing, dribbling and kicking the ball while working together as a team.  

Where will my child play? Schoolyard soccer practices and games take place on our U6 fields at Region 902's soccer complex, Boomer Park.

How long are AYSO Schoolyard sessions? Schoolyard teams meet twice a week, with one (1) practice during the week and one (1) game on Saturday mornings.  Practices are held one night of the week (Monday-Thursday) for 30 minutes.  Games are played on Saturday mornings and consist of four (4) 5-minute quarters, with a 5-10 minute break in between the 2nd and 3rd quarters.

Is there competition in AYSO Schoolyard? Yes, there is friendly competition in Schoolyard soccer.  Our Schoolyard division is the first introduction to organized games for our young players.  Players will be placed onto teams, who will participate in one game each week. Teams play 4-v-4, with coaches refereeing the games.

EPIC (formerly VIP)

 See our EPIC Soccer tab for more information

Practice & Game Frequency

Age DivisionTeam BreakoutPractice Frequency & LengthGame Length
 PlaygroundCoed1 Session Weekly
60 minute session
No Games for Playground
 SchoolyardCoed1 Practice Weekly
30 minute practice
Four 5-minute Quarters 
 6U Coed1 Practice Weekly
30-45 minute practice
 Four 5-minute Quarters
 8U Boys & Girls 1 Practice Weekly
60 minute practice
 Four 10-minute Quarters
 10U Boys & Girls 2 Practices Weekly
60 minute practice
 Four 12.5-minute Quarters
 12U Boys & Girls 2 Practices Weekly
90 minute practice
 Four 15-minute Quarters
 14U Coed 2 Practices Weekly
90 minute practice
 Four 17.5-minute Quarters
 16/19U Coed 2 Practices Weekly
90 minute practice
 Two 40-minute Halves
 EPICCoed1 Session Weekly
Up to 90 minutes
Included in Weekly Session


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